Time for Tea?

It makes me sad that my writing isn’t quite good enough to articulate quite how amazing all of these teas smell! Seriously it’d be easier if you just come over and I’ll make you a brew and we’ll have a natter, you’ll see what I mean.

From a Bridesmaid with Love x

Those moments when you’re hugging your best friend smiling through a wet face because you’re just so happy she’s happy are moments you know right then and there you’ll remember forever!

Mid Year Reflection

It’s the same every year. As an eternal optimist I set myself at least ten resolutions. Then, as the months hurtle by at break neck speed I’m shocked at how I’m not yet a thin (1), post rhinoplasty(2), jet-setting(3) author(4)/yoga guru(5) with a side project in property development (6), volunteering at animal sanctuaries (7) across […]

Turning Vegan: The Truth

Raise your hand if you’ve toyed with the idea of veganism. No, never given it a second thought? Then you may be excused. If you’re still with meĀ and want to hear my non-rose tinted account of ditching dairy, read on. I’m no nutritionist, nor am I a chef.We’re in a world of perfectly curated Instagram […]

If you go down to the woods today…

…you’re in for a wonderfully warm and bubbly surprise! January can feel like the longest month of the year. But I ended it on a high with winter escape to Sherwood Forest this year. It was a family trip and we stayed in a Sherwood Pines log cabin with Forest Holidays. Our two story cabin […]